"I have years of collecting notes but still haven't published anything"

Is it easier for you to make connections and expand ideas than it is to turn your notes into a conclusion or content?

What if you could create a board with all your ideas visible at once, to distill it into a conclusion?

Like a giant corkboard that a detective would use.

Deseverance is note-taking organized spatially.


"bare-bones simple"


"gorgeously intuitive"


"damn, that's fast"


"pure desktop gem"

Work with the author to improve your thinking.

Discover the ideas that are hardest to reach

Arrange your ideas in columns across boards to see relations spatially.

There are at least 6 areas of the brain devoted to spatial memory—and so these boards become the floors of a memory palace for your ideas.

Consistent locations make it easier to know where each idea goes, as you zoom in and out to understand your body of knowledge at different levels of detail.

Clarify your unique perspective

Think in a distraction-free medium.

Deepen the understanding of your body of knowledge by organizing ideas into your own terms—to turn information into knowledge.

In an age of an abundance of information your ability to respond to change—as an opportunity to be exploited—is with your unique perspective cultivated from the depth of understanding of your body of knowledge.

Publish your working notes

Build a predictable creative pipeline.

Create a collaborate feedback loop by publishing your working notes in a Zettelkasten blog.

Accelerate your learning by exposing your thinking to others for information you wouldn't come across any other way.

Why is thinking in Deseverance such a joy?

Privacy focused

Local first, offline mode by default—nothing needs to be stored in the cloud.


Works with Markdown files. Take your files with you when you find something better—nothing lasts forever.

Spatial organization

Create boards of your thoughts like a detective's corkboard. Arrange the same notes in different ways.

Hemmingway's method

Writing is saving the state of your mind as you think. By keeping things as you left them, it makes it easier for you to pick up the thread again.


Prevent your OCDness from kicking in with a reduced feature set meant for exploring ideas, not fiddling with apperances.

Keyboard first

Every feature designed first with the keyboard in mind. There isn't anything you can't access directly via keyboard shortcuts.


Every action can be undone. Every column type operates the same. No surprises to break the spell while thinking in the medium.


Native app with hardware acceleration. Keeps up with keystrokes typed at 160wpm on files with 5k lines without hiccups.

Currently in closed beta